Download Windows Activator for Windows 7, 10, 8.1

Windows activators are software tools that allow users to activate Windows without purchasing a license key. However, using an activator is not legal and can be risky as it may contain harmful software. Activators work by exploiting a loophole in the Windows operating system, and there are several types available, including KMS, MAK, and OEM activators. It’s important to only download activators from trusted sources. While using an activator may save money, it’s recommended to purchase a valid license key from Microsoft for full support and updates.


This software activates MS Windows and Office as well. The activation is based on 180 days renewal period. So you should restart the system withing these days.

Windows Loader by Daz

Activator will make your Win licensed by simply entering the valid licence key. It even gives an opportunity to receive system updates.

Chew WGA 0.9

Like Windows Loader, this activator simply include the valid licence key to the system. And remove the element which is responsible for the checking of validity. As a result thу system becomes activated for free.

Remove Wat

Works only with MS Windows 7.  The software disables all services responsible for verifying the license and replaces the corresponding DLL files. As a result, user receives a permanent trial version.

KMSAuto Net

Universal activator for Win and MS Office, working on the principle of substitution of a valid key in the system. No Internet connection required. The activator simply sets up a bogus server so that Windows could not verify the authenticity of the information product.


Automatically selects the best method of activation under a certain edition of Windows or Office. Allows you to activate almost any version of the system.