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Windows 8.1 is a commercial expensive software product. Though it’s more convenient and reliable to use licensed versions, there are simple ways to make unlicensed software legal. You just need to convince the system that it regularly communicates with the “official KMS server“, reports its status and receives a green light to continue working in the activated mode. This process is carried out by KMS activator Windows 8.1. You just need to make the system think that it regularly communicates with the official server, reports its status and receives a green light to continue working in the activated mode. Below, we describe its principle of operation and offer a free download.

About new Auto KMS activator software

The OS has a built-in license key verification system to prevent illegal use, which is called Key Management Server (KMS). The system consists of 2 parts: local and server. Periodically, Windows 8.1 connects to a remote server to notify the key ID, confirm its license and receive the permission to continue using the system in full activated mode.

AutoKMS activator changes the authentication algorithm of the license. To do this, it creates its own mini KMS server inside Windows 8.1, accesses it and receives a positive response. After such manipulations, the system considers that the key has been tested and validated on a remote server. By the way, this activator is one of those which are capable of conducting lifelong activation.

Usage instructions of KMS activator Windows 8.1

The application is portable, that is why, it does not need to be installed on the computer. This KMS activator has a very rich menu and wide functionality, which, in most cases, is not fully used by common users. In practice, everything is easier, usually it is just enough to press the activation button, wait a few minutes and restart the computer – everything should work properly. If something does not work, just read the instructions – everything is described in simple language for inexperienced users.

The program is in Russian language by defaults, so before use, you need to change the language, as shown in the screenshot.

Autokms download Windows 8.1 activator
Automatic activation.

In 95% of cases, this method should work well, except for particularly complex pirated versions of Windows.

  • AutoKMS download
  • Log in as an administrator
  • Run the activator’s executable file “KMSAuto Net.exe
  • In the main active window, click the “Activate Windows” button
  • Wait until the inscription “completed” appears
  • Reboot the system for system changes to take effect.

Manual activation method.

If the previous method did not help you, you can try using the advanced KMS activator for Windows 8.1 functionality.

  • Go to the “Utilities” tab.
  • In the “GVLK Product keys” menu of the products, choose what you want to activate (for example, Windows 8.1). After selecting the activation key will appear in the field just below. Copy this key to the clipboard.
  • Go to the “System” tab and select “Installing GVLK key“.
KMS activator Windows8.1 Auto KMS activator download

How to get a lifetime license

With the help of the Scheduler, you can automate the work of the AutoKMS activator. It will regularly activate the OS every 10 days in such a way that even the administrator of the corporate network will not be able to find out about it. The new task is automatically added to the Scheduler after clicking on the “Create task” button in the “System” section and confirming the operation. The process will continue endlessly in automatic mode without any more of your participation, until you delete the task or service yourself.

Auto KMS activator features

  • AutoKMS provides the possibility to activate not only Windows, but also MS Office.
  • The program is extremely easy to understand and does not require any special knowledge or computer skills from the user.
  • There is also an advanced mode with additional parameters that can be used by experienced users.
  • System files are not modified by the program, which ensures effective and guaranteed activation.
  • Auto KMS is not a crude pirate crack, which can really damage the OS, but a competent and accurate system of protection circumvention.
  • KMS activator Windows 8.1 does not require installation, since it is a portable application.
  • It is possible to remove all traces from previous, unsuccessful attempts to activate Windows and Office.

Autokms download Windows 8.1 activator

During the activation process the activator simply selects and installs the working key for your Microsoft product, which is a completely natural process causing no interference in the system. All activators are fully compatible with antivirus software, so when you work with them, you usually do not need to disable the protection.

However, there are cases when during autokms download the system starts “swearing” at the program, calling it a malicious object, namely the virus – HackTool: Win32 / AutoKMS. Therefore, it is advisable to disable the antivirus even before downloading the KMSAuto Net activator, and while launching. After the activation and reboot are completed, the protection will restart. If after that the antivirus detects the KMS service and considers it to be dangerous, then it is necessary to add both the file and the service itself to the list of exceptions.


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