Download KMSpico for Windows 10 activator FREE 100%!

KMSpico activator is a fully automatic Windows and MS Office activator based on Microsoft Toolkits AutoKMS by CODYQX4.

We recommend using this activator. It is absolutely completely free of charge and automatically activates the final version of Windows 10. Now you do not have to suffer from constant reminders that you need to activate Windows and fight with black screens.

To download KMSpico Windows 10 activator, you will most likely need to disable the antivirus. Most of these activators are listed in the antivirus blacklist, because they make unauthorized changes to the system code, which basically means that they are cracks.

Download KMSpico for Windows 10 activator

Table of content

  1. About new KMSpico Win10
  2. Windows 10 activator KMSpico feature
  3. Usage instructions of KMSpico activator
  4. Download KMSpico for Windows 10

About new KMSpico Win 10

In order to work, the program does not require internet connection, which makes it different from others. Also, the program activates not only Win 10, but Microsoft Office apps as well. The working principle is based on the fact that KMSpico Windows 10 activator activates your system for 180 days, but each time after rebooting the system, the process will be restarted. That is, if you don’t restart system for 180 days (which is practically impossible), the activation will disappear.

Activation runs automatically in the background, the user only needs to start KMSpico Win10 and check the activation status a few seconds after starting. The already activated products will not be affected during activation.

Windows 10 activator KMSpico features

  • Does not require active user participation (the activator installation is enough);
  • After activation, you can put any updates, because this is the most provided by the manufacturer activation method, which does not replace files in the system;
  • Simultaneous activation of both Windows and Microsoft Office applications (you can activate separately Office only);
  • Any KMS server gives activation for 180 days, but it is automatically renewed

To properly use Windows 10 activator KMSpico and successfully activate Windows 10, please carefully follow the instructions. Administration of the site is not responsible for possible errors during installation.

Usage instructions of KMSpico activator

  • Download and install KMSpico. (Password for the archivewindows)
  • Open the administrator’s file C:\Program Files\KMSPico\KMSELDI.exe
  • In the Adv tab, select TapDriver.
  • In the Main tab, press the start button and wait until the activator finishes the work (click to install when asked).

It is necessary to wait for the activation to be finished and the program will ask you to restart the computer. After the reboot, the activation will be complete and you will be able to enjoy all the features of the licensed activated Windows 10.

Download KMSpico for Windows 10

The use of any activator is not entirely legal. Therefore, download KMSpico Windows 10 for home use only. The use of an activated operating system in offices can entail responsibility. Developers of programs, as well as the site do not bear responsibility for the use of a specific activator.


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Screenshot of activated Windows with KMSpico Win10

Download KMSpico Windows 10 activator