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Why do you need a product key for Windows 7? Most users have an opinion that to activate an operating system’s license key is an unnecessary step. They think that in the Internet there are enough free and proven activators. But no one talks about how they work and what can hide.

Doesn’t matter if you are a pirate or not when using key for Windows 7

The program that helps to bypass the official activation Windows 7 appeared almost immediately after the official release of this OS in 2009. The pirates have not made the big work to break the original protection and release the activator. Still for many PC owners in our country the most popular operating system Microsoft is look like the free product. And the person who decided to buy product key for Windows 7 looks like a fool who spends money for nothing.

It is worth to mention that rampant piracy is not a big problem for Microsoft employees. I have the feeling that they did not try to stop the spread of the ways to circumvent proper activation. On the contrary, they rubbed their hands, rejoicing with how many people were seeking ways to install on their computers Windows 7. Their main task is to obtain the largest possible customer base, even though it partly consists of pirates. According to the logic of the company, the person needs an operating system for serious work, sooner or later he will buy Win 7 product key. Other users just help Windows 7 to stay in the list of the most common desktop OS in the world.

Win 7 Product key for Windows 7

According to official statistics, Windows 7, which the world first met 8 years ago, in the spring of this year yielded to the new-fangled “Top ten”. In March 2017th it was still in the first place. Windows 7 is outdated. First talks about this first appeared in 2015 when Microsoft announced the end of support for this system. Later they announced its extended support until 2020. That is more than 2 years. For this time this version of Windows will be relevant, and, remembering the experience of Windows XP, a few years after it will benefit millions of people around the world.

The pros of product key for Windows 7

So why you should buy WIN 7 product key and abandon the free activators? Microsoft representatives at the time claimed that the use of the Windows 7 activator carries the risk of computer infection by Trojans, viruses and other malicious software. This leads to a possible loss of personal data or damage to files on disk. All of the above could be called horror stories, but far from it: you are unlikely to be able to study the activator for the presence of dangerous code.

Think about it, why a programmer will write such a program for free and distribute it via the Internet? We want to believe that they are solely driven by noble motives and wish to help other users. But most likely the creators of the activators have to pursue their own benefits. So make the choice in favor of the free win 7 product key, stay calm for your data in future.

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