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Often, when you install Windows 10, you must enter the activation key in order to continue the installation. You can certainly buy a license key if you have extra money. And you can use less formal methods. The easiest, fastest and most reliable way to activate is to use one of the Windows 10 activators posted on this site. All the previous methods that work with Win 8.1, do not work with Win 10, so the most famous developers of activators have finalized some of their solutions and now they cope with the activation of Windows 10. Moreover, the procedure itself is not much different from previous versions and the user’s actions are minimized. It is enough to start the WIN 10 activator and follow the prompts. The entire activation system is simplified to pressing just one button.

Table of content

  1. Activate Win 10 with product key
  2. Activate Windows 10 with activator
  3. Free Windows 10 activator download

Activate Win 10 with product key

Using the license key is the easiest way. But the key has significant disadvantages. As a rule, the key published in free access quickly stops working. After that, you have to waste time again and search a new working key. Therefore, we advise you to avoid this method, and download Windows 10 activator instead.

Activate Windows 10 with activator

The special program-activator has a number of advantages:

  • High activation rate
  • Low probability that activation will crash
  • You can activate any version of Win10 for good

KMSpico Win 10 activator
We have gathered only programs which 100% can help you Activate Win 10. The most popular Win 10 activator is KMSpico. With its help, hundreds of thousands of users solved the problem of activating their system once and for all. If this program didn’t work, then you can safely use RemoveWat or СhewWga. These are less popular programs, but they also work practically without failures.

Any of these programs works as:

  • Windows 10 pro activator
  • Windows 10 home activator

Free Windows 10 activator download

  • KMSpico
  • RemoveWat
  • СhewWga

If you try to download and install the Win 10 activator, the antivirus can activate. This is normal, it is better to disable it in advance, since all activators are cracks.


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Screenshot of activated Windows

Windows 10 activator download